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Sophisticated equipment for the unique projects

Sometimes we get very complicated requests for the non-standard projects. Just imagine the amount of machinery and equipment to create a stadium with the collapsable roof. Or a brand new assembly line for the heavy duty drones. Or the pickline for the largest fulfilment center.

We offer consulting services (project management services) for our Clients who don’t have their own project management team. We help our Clients implement their projects with resources and funds properly distributed.

Our job is to work for the Client’s benefit focusing on their goals and providing skillful participation of all involved parties. We control the services and take corrective measures when necessary.

We help the procurement functions to get the best option possible. We keep in touch with the constructors, engineers and management to get fruitful result in terms of functionality, viability, power consumption, operation and maintenance.

We are on the cutting edge of innovations that make life better.